Hanging Microphones

Unmute Yourself and Say Something

When I played in the marching band, I remember Rolf, a trumpet player using a mute from time to time.  When he used the mute, his music was much softer.

I’ve been thinking about how sometimes there are individuals who should speak up, but they’re silent.  Sure there’s a time to speak and there’s a time that doesn’t require a response. But some have been muted by circumstances, culture or even labels, e.g., introvert.

Are you on mute?  Is your life on mute?  Maybe it’s speaking, but not very loudly.

Sure.  We see a lot of noise and distraction is the media. And sometimes, there are those who are in the limelight throwing stones and sowing confusion.

But then there are those who genuinely have something of substance to add to the conversation.

I’m talking to you!  It’s time to UnMute yourself.  Give back the labels, take off those things that cause you to be invisible and unheard. We need your voice to be part of the solution.

Once you’ve taken time out to heal and overcome circumstances, you can find your true self and speak from a place of peace and wholeness -- a voice much needed in the marketplace!

UnMute yourself and say something.

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