Stay Focused and See Possibilities

“Stay Focused!” It’s easy to say, huh?

As you have probably would agree, there is a constant flood of distractions and if we’re not careful they can take us off course.

Especially, at a time like this, I think it behooves us to adopt an eagle-eye view of things.  That way we have an expanded sense of the big picture and we’re not making decisions or reacting solely based on our feelings.  As my dad would say, “Feelings don’t think.”

Have you noticed that the thing that makes the most noise can be a huge distraction from productive thinking?

Unfortunately, Corona Virus (COVID-19), has become a household name and commands enormous amounts of attention.  The pandemic has caused many to be paralyzed with fear.  While the situation is very real, if you’re stuck in a state of anxiety, it’s impossible to spiritually see and hear clearly.  All the while, the coverage and hysteria mask any glimmer of hope.

Sure, it’s responsible to be informed of what’s happening in the world. And, with the pandemic, it’s responsible to take the necessary precautions. However, it’s irresponsible to allow the media to be your sole intake of information . . . or better yet, what your soul consistently feeds on.

Your soul requires a different diet.

POSSIBILITIES. I think if you look at this time from a viewpoint of hope, you will find that it lends itself to tremendous opportunities.

While there are several active shelter-in-place orders, it’s a great opportunity to have some quiet time, spend time with family, work on your business, work on your craft, work on your cause and even re-invent yourself.

Use this time to cultivate your spirit and create an environment of peace. Yes – even when there are wars raging around you, it’s possible to choose peace.

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