Self Love: Charity Begins At Home

Self Love: Charity Begins At Home

Are you always helping someone else at your expense? I did this for many years (without realizing it).

Thinking back, I was receiving good advice. “Latifah, pay yourself first.” “Latifah, charity begins at home.” However, it went in one ear and out the other. I was too busy being busy.

When you’re exploring, trying to learn about yourself, life and people, your view of what’s important can be clouded.

However, once you have a few life lessons under your belt, you can reset your priorities. You can even begin to take an eagle eye view of you, your family and all the things that concern you.

While it’s great to offer your talent and expertise. It’s equally admirable to decide who deserves your time and attention. 

As you create a lifestyle for yourself, ensure you put yourself on your calendar. 

  • If you have a family, ensure that your business or your job doesn’t overshadow the time you invest with your family.
  • If you volunteer, whether it be church or anywhere else, always put time with yourself and your family first.

You want to set boundaries to create a healthy lifestyle. That way you’re not continously giving, while others are continuously taking. 

Respite and reprieve – learn the words!

Maybe you haven’t had a lot of lived experience. You can set yourself on a great path by having intentional quiet time. Turn the phone off; disengage from social media; have your pencil and pad ready to record your thoughts and anything God whispers to you.

That’s how you do it!

Be well!

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