I created this page due to what I heard in my quiet time/God’s Whispers.

Over several months, I kept getting this nudge about Muslims.

I was confused — my conversation with God went something like this . . . ‘Well God, I grew up as a Muslim but I’m so far removed from that now, what could I possibly contribute.’ So, I’ll just give you a snippet of my back ground growing up as a Muslim. Then, I’ll share the God Whisper portion on Muslims with you.

Growing up as a Muslim. So, here’s a little about me growing up as a Muslim. My dad became a Muslim – a part of the Nation of Islam — I would say this was in the 70s. As Muslims, we dressed very modestly; we didn’t eat pork– including most jello because of the gelatin. We ate brown rice as opposed to white rice; we used brown sugar as opposed to granulated sugar. We didn’t eat anything with monosodium glutamate. I think the most creative thing I ate was fish pizza at one of the potlucks. Of course, me and my friend howled with laughter. We understood why we didn’t have ‘regular’ pizza because of the pork, but we hadn’t ever thought about fish on pizza. However, once my Dad met Muslims from other countries, at the celebrations I had my first taste of lamb and baklava – which I love to this day!

In my younger years, as part of the Nation of Islam, I learned the Actual Facts, e.g., the circumference of the earth, the speed of light, the height of Mt. Everest. Later, as part of a different group of Muslims, I learned a little Arabic. My instructor Siddiqui – would say ‘Arabic is a phonetic language!’ Currently, I remember a few words and letters and I remember how to write my name. I think my brother and my dad can actually read and write Arabic.

In my young adult life, I decided not live as a Muslim. My Dad and family are still Muslims — no love lost. I think what I took from living as a Muslim is modesty. I will never feel comfortable with plunging necklines, shorts, or extremely short dresses — I would feel naked. I’m much more comfortable in modest dress.

Fast forward to 2019. It’s been this huge gap of time, but as I mentioned, I had been getting these God nudges about Muslims. So, I asked several times, what is it about Muslims. Then, in my quiet time, I decided to write what I heard. When I went back to look at what was said, I noted that I wrote something on two different occasions. So the whispers on this page are for anyone who finds it useful. Below are the things I heard in my quiet time.

One Sitting: Muslims are my people. They have my spirit. I birthed them in the earth. I call them forth as noble, vigilant and unearthed. No longer do they need to be ostracized. They are the called out ones. I call them out and make their name great among many. They are noble to me. I call them noble. No longer ostracized.

Another Sitting: Muslims are a great pat of my plan. They are not obnoxious as some would suppose. Children of Esau. I have a plan for their life. I have covenant with them. This separation is not of me. Division is not of me. It’s not who I am.

So, there you have it. Again . . . sharing it for the benefit of those who can use it.

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