Do You Need to Leave Your House to Worship?

Are you keeping your eyes peeled?

Hopefully, you’re not taking in the major headlines looking at only what you see on the surface. But, I hope you are going a little deeper.  Sure, you see the various narratives and after a while you decipher the rhetoric and have an idea of who stands for what, whose blowing smoke, and whose getting paid.

Vote. I encourage you to know what’s going on behind the scenes.  Make sure you register to vote and vote for both your presidential candidate AND your local officials.

Churches.  You’ve seen the protest – whether it’s to get a haircut or to open the churches.  As a person of faith, I believe your relationship with God is important.  However, I don’t believe you need to physically be in a building to have a relationship with God or, to even cultivate a relationship with God.

This Season. This is a time of unraveling of religion – in the sense of tradition.  I think some people have made going to church a ritual – an action with no real substance.  So, for those that have made going to church cliché, I’m sure this is a difficult time.  And hopefully, a time of reflection and adjustment.

So, even though President Trump has said, ‘open the churches; they are essential;’ your relationship with God is what’s essential. And, like I said, it doesn’t require your physical presence in a building.

The local ordinances are still in effect, but even as they are lifted, use wisdom and always choose peace over fear.

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