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Online Course: “Journey to Your Authentic Self”

“Journey to Your Authentic Self” is a powerful online, interactive course designed to equip, empower, and support you in living your beautiful, authentic life.

Reclaim your true identity and show up in life with confidence in your family, work and play. Journey to Your Authentic Self is a 6-week online course to equip and empower you to connect with your spiritual self and have peace, clarity, and wisdom.

Sometimes, as we go through life, we can get lost in labels, relationships and/or life circumstances. And, as a result, the authentic, vibrant you is almost non-existent.

No worries; we know it first hand! So, we can tell you from experience that all is not lost.

In fact, our success of weathering life challenges and coming through to the other side is the very reason we have the 6-week course: “Journey to Your Authentic Self.”

This course allows you to reset . . . reconnect with authenticity, purpose, vision, and your spiritual self.

Authenticity is part of self care and opens a whole new world for you. Getting to know or getting back in touch with the real you is when life truly begins.

It’s about time you love yourself! Invest in your self care; take this six-week course to begin your journey.

Note from the Instructor: From experience, I can tell you that living from a place of authenticity allows me to be transparent. It allows me to be a better mom and to view life from a different lens. Of course, I had to do some internal work to live from this place. I invite you to take the course and do the work!

Latifah Abdullah

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