Be Yourself

Be Yourself. No One Else Can Do It.

Be Yourself! No one else can do it . . . Have you ever thought about that phrase — it’s the one thing what no one else can do better than you!

Many times people run after the next shiny thing — copying what everyone else is doing, including standing in long lines overnight for the next greatest product. 

Whatever happen to originality . . . ingenuity?  Do we really need someone to tell us what to do or what to think?

We have the media telling us what to buy, how to look, what to wear, what’s acceptable.  It can be too much!  I’m usually not too interested in the headlines at the register – what person was divorced for the 10th time.  It can be totally distracting and before you know it you’re off course thinking about what’s happening on the latest reality show.  Meanwhile, your creativity is buried and stunted.

I still believe an original is worth more than a copy.

Some people have a knack for being different and are not easily thwarted by all the bells and whistles of what someone else is doing.  But, the majority of people, have to fight not to be consumed by all that’s going on around them.

However, I’ve noticed that once you have a sense of purpose, it’s not as easy to be detoured because purpose keeps you grounded and filters out the noise and extra stuff.  So, unless you just want time to veg, you can be on point if you want to be.

It can be a little more challenging when you’re still learning who you are; certainly, it can be a process.

Take on purpose; trim the fat . . . let your originality shine through!

Be Yourself! No one else can do it.

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