Personal Track

Before you can effectively and successfully do anything, you need to be good with who you are. We believe that personal growth – spirit, mind, and body - is the healthiest way to move forward in living your best life.  We offer online, interactive courses to assist you in developing the best you.

Business Track

Business is an honorable way to serve others, create multiple streams of income, and establish generational legacy.  As a solopreneur, you wear many hats.  We are here to assist you with your web site so you can focus on your business expertise.

Latifah Abdullah, Founder

One thing you will notice about Latifah is that she may be soft-spoken and slow to speak, but when she speaks, you can expect substance.

Having overcome many obstacles, Latifah has emerged as a quiet storm -- a powerhouse with unmatched tenacity. She has keen spiritual sensitivity and the ability to observe, listen, ponder, and provide effective insight. She is known as the voice of authenticity for women and her heart is for all to do well and be well.

She has successfully promoted and showcased women through empowerment video broadcasts, vlogs, blog posts, radio, digital publications, offline events, and social media platforms. She provides timely solutions for both life and business.


She uses over 30 years of experience to support small business owners, corporate executives, and nonprofits; she has served in a variety of industries, including real estate, mortgage, law, and benefits consulting.  Her areas of expertise include virtual administration services, corporate governance, and website development.

Personal Development Events

Her highly successful transformational events included a variety of speakers who openly shared from a place of transparency, being candid about their life experience, their journey, and their triumph.  As a result, attendees felt supported and were able to fearlessly move into their purpose.

As a voice of authenticity, Latifah believes in the importance of self-discovery and true identity. She is the course creator and instructor for "Journey to Your Authentic Self."

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