Perfection . . . The Antithesis of Self Care

Are you a perfectionist?

Dot every i and cross every t. Everything has to be just right. It takes FOREVER to do everything . . . and at times, nothing actually gets done because of this intense, never-ending exchange.

If this is you, you’re not alone.

Sometimes a life circumstance is the culprit. It leaves you in an emotional deficit which then leads you into a life of needing to prove that you’re good enough. You’ve probably found that you need to be in control and that your life is filled with trying to control outcomes.

This well-known taskmaster inhibits; causes you to over-analyze; forces you into hard labor; saddles you with living up to an unrealistic image; and suffocates all that’s good. Basically, perfection introduces you to its offspring.

I had a horrible bout in this area for years, and for a long time, I didn’t realize I was in its clutches.

However, after coming through a major healing from hurt I carried for over two decades, I noticed that a weight had been lifted, including the heaviness of perfection.

Personal healing lightened my load. I am now better able to be transparent and have a better relationship with my daughters.  There’s nothing like freedom!  (I share the path to freedom in my course “Journey to Your Authentic Self.”)

So, what if we keep it simple? What if we let excellence be the standard rather than perfection? You’ll have a good laugh at yourself once you realize that someone else can do it their way and it still comes out well!

Simply put, what’s the worst that can happen if the t isn’t crossed. Excellence is always in order. But, perfection just takes it to another place. Ditch perfection and choose freedom today!

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