Is Your Thinking Hindering Your Success?


Is YourThinking Hindering Your SuccessOne year I did a walk through of a venue I was considering for an event. I noticed there was a key pad lock on the door of the lobby bathroom. Without even checking the door, I went to reception to ask for the code to get in. 

Guest what?  There was no code; it was already unlocked.

Have you noticed that sometimes things are not always as they appear? How many times do we make a judgment call based on the look of a thing.

It’s our thinking that is habitual. We have ‘programmed’ it a certain way over a period of time and even though it may not be the current reality, the old programming remains.

This reminds me of a story I heard years ago. It was so impactful; it has stuck with me all of these years.

The story is about piranhas and tiny fish being placed in the same container with a divider separating the species.  The piranha could only go as far as the divider, so they could never get to the fish.

30 days later, the divider was removed, but the piranha still would only go as far as the divider used to be even though they now had access to the full container.

Isn’t that a powerful visual of programming? Certainly, we can use this as a lesson in a plethora of instances, including relationships and life circumstances.

Is the situation as it appears or have we set our expectations based on old programming?

Take off the preset programming and try the door.

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