Going Beyond the 5 Senses

Beyond the 5 Senses

There are lots of things that are thrown at us everyday. However, there’s seldom an emphasis on cultivating a spiritually healthy lifestyle . . consider going beyond the 5 senses.

I’ve had so many great experiences over the years with what I call God’s Whispers. It seems as though God would whisper things to me that I wouldn’t normally know — warnings, edification, life direction.

Initially, I didn’t consider them fact, because what I could physically see was different than what the whisper was saying. However, one day in waking up from a nap, I heard the whisper say ‘believe what you hear in the spirit, more than what you see in the natural.’ From that point on, I’ve considered the whisper an essential part of life.

From the whispers, I’ve had a sense of peace in seemingly impossible situations; I’ve even learned words that weren’t in my vocabulary, e.g., charlatan, subterfuge, aberrant; and some things I don’t fully understand yet that appear to be on the heart of God.

Personally, I believe tapping into God’s whispers is the key to personal contentment, inner peace and world peace.

Why not cultivate a lifestyle of peace? I would venture to say that going beyond the 5 senses is essential.

If you’ve had similar God Whisper experiences, feel free to share them in the comments below. Want to learn more about God’s Whispers? Get a FREE copy of my ebook, “God’s Whispers;” it shares a few of my experiences. It also shares how you can incorporate this practice in your lifestyle.

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