Self Care

Be Selfish! It’s Part of Self Care

I didn’t understand what my Mom meant at the time when she said it was okay to be selfish.  When I was younger, of course, I was taught to share. However, when I got older, she said I could be selfish. What?!! Well . . . it was probably because I began to overshare without thinking of myself.
So, is it really okay to be selfish? Is it really a part of self care?
As women, we tend to be givers.  Taking care of everyone — the household, children, work, business, family members, friends, acquaintances.  Anyone who asks for help.
Unfortunately, we can become a Yes woman . . . meaning we always say Yes when something is asked of us.
Some of this can come from a need to be needed or feeling uncomfortable saying No.
You have to know that it’s okay to take care of you.  Keep in mind that self care is not just a mani/pedi. That’s good – that’s a start, but really have some down time, quiet time, getaway, and have some FUN.  It’s essential that you replenish yourself and really see yourself as valuable. After all, if you don’t do it for yourself, who will!
This becomes easier once you know who you are and have a sense of purpose.  It’s easy to say No to people and things that suck up your time for no good reason.
You might get some shocked looks at first.  However, “No” is a complete sentence.
Yep; I’ll own it. I said it: “Be selfish! It’s part of self care!”
Put yourself on your own calendar!
Leave a comment and let me know what you put into action!
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